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Weekend Inspiration: Pre-early spring home decor, treats, and trends

It is currently pre-early spring. To me, that means it's the money when spring starts, but it's still technically winter and it's pouring rain out and there are no leaves on the trees and it's a little depressing. And it's not like it's fun to be cold and drink pumpkin spice lattes or wear festive tartan plaid, like we do earlier in winter. I've never liked this time of year much, always had a hard time getting dressed after too many months of Oregon fall and winter... it won't be sunny and springy for quite a while!

I think of this awkward time of year as almost seasonless, actually. No huge holidays that influence my wardrobe for the month leading up to them. Not much local food in season (nothing new, anyway, same root veggies and greens in our winter CSA) to inspire me to make a seasonal treat. Same ol, same ol. At least it's staying light out longer these days! If we get lucky, it may stop raining soon and we may be able to pull out some preppy, springy things!

So, in this season of neutrality in colors, flavors, and attitudes, it's especially cool when I can feel inspired for a weekend or day of craftiness, home decorating, dressing myself for a day out, or making a special dish.

Not-quite-early spring inspirations

Here are a few images I've found recently that have made me want to try something new this weekend!

Neutral corner with mismatch gallery wall and a little shimmer in the decor...

Where can I find fabric like this?! It reminds me of a 70's sofa, but in a good way. I love the colors, too! (And like she says in The Devil Wears Prada, "Florals? for spring? Groundbreaking." - but hey, there's a reason for that. I'm excited for some florals.)

Or stripes with a huge, amazing, colorful tribal-ey necklace! Why have I never thought of that?

And since I'm stuck inside more than usual these rainy days, I think I'll try to get creative in the kitchen. I've made simple coconut chia seed pudding before (seen here) but now I want to try something fancier.

(At least we've been making it to kettlebell class regularly this time of year. Unfortunately on Tuesday I made a super dumb mistake in a weighted medicine ball squat and threw/bounced a 10 lb ball into the underside of my chin. Bit my tongue really hard and jammed my jaw. I've been chewing on ice and hanging out with an ice pack on my face whenever I can. And eating soft foods and not talking much. So especially with my jaw and tongue injury... chewing hurts!! Pudding sounds great!!)

I think I'll get my act together and try one of these beautiful, whole ingredient recipes...

Coconut Chia Pudding with Roasted Butternut and Honey (this blogger is so cool--he's only 18 but does the most amazing photos and recipes!)

Or Salted Caramel Chocolate Raspberry Chia Pudding!

Oh, one more thing that I'm inspired for this weekend: trying out my new camera, if I get a chance to take pictures of much. Just bought it this week!!!, and already I can tell it's so wonderful to use. Upgraded to a used original Canon 5D, and already it's been a charm with my old 50mm lens. It's so good, in fact, that even this picture of the first picture we took with it is good. Husband took this pic on auto, I think, with no preparation, and even so, it looks pretty good!!

Must do some crafty things to take pictures of! And maybe I'll get a chance to take pics with it at the 20's speakeasy-themed company winter party we have this weekend!

I guess I shouldn't complain about this time of year. I appreciate the quieter evenings and weekends, more time to get things done around the house, nice in-between temperature so the heaters don't have to work so hard and we don't need fans. *Counting my blessings.*

Know what I mean about this awkward pre-spring time? What are you doing to get through it?! ;)


  1. Hi Susanna - I loved Kendi's skirt so much too...and I managed to find very similar fabric! The downside is that they have now sold out...but sometimes they do restock so it could be worth checking back now and again. I blogged about it here:
    (I'm afraid it is a UK fabric shop so I don't know what the shipping would be to you)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I LOVE playing with new cameras :) Have fun this weekend! It's amazing what a difference a new camera can make.

    Also, yum to the chia seed pudding. I've turned to oatmeal lately, but I might need to try those recipes for a grain-free option! Thanks for sharing.

  3. On point description of this type of year - neutral. That's exactly why spend extra time on my crafts. It was keeps me sane and happy during the bland.

  4. Aaah! OMG, that fabric you found is perfect! I'll have to look for something similar! Thanks for sharing!



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