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A loooong time coming: Sweater skirt makeover into a cozy mini

It's ridiculous how long ago I started this project. 2011, I think. I actually saved the "before" photos of this skirt in my "Unfinished projects" folder on my computer. :/ (Where blog projects go to die.)

I cut up this amazing wool maxi skirt two winters ago with the intention of adding a casing and elastic waistband. My classy grandma gave me this gorgeous skirt, from Peruvian Connection--she liked it but it was so long and snug, with no slit up the back for movement, and she couldn't walk easily in it. She gave it to me thinking maybe I could shorten it and enjoy it. I really liked it long, but I couldn't walk in it, either!, so I cut it off!!

So I cut it apart those two winters ago, must be now, but didn't get to finishing the project until last week. I had already cut off the waistband and hips; just had to take in the sides to reshape the hips and add the casing for the elastic waistband. Inside shot...

And here it is!

Simple enough, but a whole new skirt!

So funny because when I was at Target this weekend I saw this super similar one!! Comes in a couple different colors; same dark, wooly, geometric pattern look.

I think mine will be fab with sweater tights and boots. But maybe I just think that now because it's been 15 - 35 degrees all weekend and I can't imagine wearing anything less than thick pants or jeans, tall boots, and my puffy coat out!! I actually haven't worn a skirt this short in ages. Outfit ideas??


  1. I really really love the fabric and print. It looks great on you, too!

  2. Beautiful print! Great job on the upcycling.

  3. Add a fun necklace to this outfit and I think it'd be great for date night! You could also add tight athletic pants and boots to make it warmer.

  4. So glad you could give new life to that skirt. I really like the print.

  5. I found some fleece-lined tights at TJ Maxx which are super warm! You could look for some of those to wear with skirts when it's super cold.

  6. Good idea! TJ Maxx does have the best tights!!



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