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Pretty backyard "California Dreamin" 1960's-ey party

I don't throw parties all that often, but I love to help other people with theirs. ;) My mom throws an annual "July birthday party" for herself and all the other July birthday people we know (my husband's is July 4th, for one). It's a great occasion to see family and friends in the busy summertime--and they're the same crowd we also see at my parents' annual New Year's Day brunch open house, so very cool to stay in touch at least twice a year with some very cool people my parents know.

My mom gives the party a different theme each year, and I help come up with the decor, and make myself a new dress! So now that I've been blogging a while, I actually have a few posts about previous years, too!

  • In 2010, we did "Oregon's Bounty".
  • In 2011, I don't remember what happened. ;) I was planning a wedding; I guess I was busy.
  • In 2012, we did "All American Summer"--lots of red, white, and blue and classic gingham!

This year's theme was "California Dreamin." We played Beach Boys Pandora, grilled burgers, played some volleyball and badminton, and wore sheath dresses. Kept the decor simple and relaxed, and added a fun occasion to dress a little retro.

The image in my head for the theme was the first 10 minutes of Almost Famous--San Diego, 1968 I think. OMG, I love that movie. (Design*Sponge knows what I'm talking about--they did a "Living In" post for it!)

So, without filling this post with pictures of my parents' friends, lovely as they are, here are a few peaceful 60's-inspired scenes from the party!

Fun, on-theme party activities!

My dad is a hat-wearer.

Classic plastic cups, right?

I told my husband to tuck his shirt in and wear his preppiest shorts to get a more 60's look. Better than long cargos!

He often finds himself a comfortable spot to be at these kinds of things. ;) I loooove my parents' hammock.

Who doesn't love summer backyard parties?


  1. love that you told the hubs to tuck in the shirt! ps. almost famous is such a great movie :)

  2. This looks like such a great time!

  3. Love the party thme idea and how it is such accessible, easy retro that is easy to put together and comfortable!

  4. i love that theme! + your mom sounds pretty awesome.



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