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How to Wear DIY: The soft peplum top on errand date night

Happy, happy Friday before the long weekend! I have some big ideas for projects to do this weekend, but am not going anywhere and hope to spend some quality time relaxing around the house. I need it.

Here's a How to Wear DIY from last Friday's [extremely thrilling] date night--Home Depot for replacement faucet supplies, then Trader Joe's, woot woot! Wore the loose peplum top I made earlier this year, with my new fave big tote bag and some black skinnies.

I think I could seriously use another of those loose woven tops this spring/summer. Super comfy, like a tee, but more structured and suitable for wearing with other cute pieces! I have a harder time dressing up a tee. So here I am rockin' it at Home Depot.

Jacket: Nordstrom Rack. Bag: Target. Jeans: Goodwill. Shoes: Target via Goodwill. 
Sunglasses: Dollar Tree, not ashamed to admit! ;) Peplum top: DIY, here!

Looking at that lovely evening last week, and then looking out the window at the rain... siiiigh. Weather for Memorial Day weekend is always such a crapshoot here--I distinctly remember a couple of them where it was super sunny one minute, raining the next. My prediction is my weekend will involve more jeans than shorts. Oh, well.


  1. So cute! I love this outfit & those shoes are amazing!!

  2. Your skin looks amazing! Random question: I'm thinking about writing a book (a textbook) and I know what I want to put in it but the only thing that's bothering me is the layout. Did you read any books that helped you when you wrote your book?

  3. I love your peplum top! The print that you choose is super cute, that color combination is one of my favorites too! One of my favorite things about heading over to Home Depot this time of year is the flower and garden section they have outside. It makes a really cute background in the photos! :-)

  4. Thanks! I'm not doing any of the layout on my book; just turned in the raw manuscript in plaintext Word format and my editors at Potter Craft are laying it out. I'd recommend just checking out similar books and comparing their styles, and playing around in InDesign with some sample pages!



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