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Made my own appliqué! DIY heart tee with iron-on

Happy to show off an advancement in my tee appliqué methods; always be growing, right? I've done plenty of spray adhesive on fabric before to make appliqués, but this year found a less-messy method that I used on this tee and this pillow. But, I have finally tried out an even better method.

I've been meaning to try iron-on adhesive, to basically create my own patches or appliqués or fabric stickers, however you think of them! So I got this Heat'n Bond from Kollabora to use for projects for my book and other upcoming creativity ;), and I am thrilled.

Basically, I've been dying for some more color in my wardrobe this season and keep coming up blank. I really need to go fabric shopping or something, since I desperately want BRIGHT solid colors to work with... so I dug through my drawers for bright colors and found an old tank top I wore plenty last year, and figured it was ready for its next life.

You may remember the big bold heart tops from Old Navy and Target this year... I figured I could do my own!

DIY Heart Sweatshirt Tee

I cut out the iron-on adhesive in the approximate heart shape I wanted, then ironed it on to the tank I had cut apart. Then cut that out, perfecting the shape and edges, and then peeled off the paper back. Then flipped it on to the tee and ironed it on. Like magic!!

I gave it a tiny edge of metallic silver thread, like 1/8" in from the edge of the design. I wanted to make sure it stayed on well! I don't tend to trust the no-sew solution... ;) 

It worked great!

Yay. Brights + stuff I already owned + got to play with a new tool. Win-win-win.

Feeling a little high on the power, knowing I can make my own fabric sticker out of anything, into any shape!!

Have you tried this? Sooo fun, right!?


  1. I have done this before, I use "wonder-under" for this use. I use wonder under for any t-shirt appliqué, including t-shirt quilts, and patching jeans with t-shirts. I teach this as a kid's class, where I introduce appliqué methods, I just recently blogged about it. Check it out! http://www.redthreadsews.com/?p=460

  2. Great way to make a fun shirt! :)

  3. Well, if you're feeling powerful, you should make a big S like Superman for those days you're feeling like an undercover superhero. :)

  4. This is so great! I love how simple yet professional looking this is. :-)

  5. I use iron on adhesive a lot, but I haven't tried something like this yet.

  6. Maybe it will look even better after you wash it.

  7. I can't figure out my sewing machine right now...what do you think would happen without sewing the edges? Would it just flap up I wonder.?

  8. Hm, it might work, at least for a washing or two. Or you could always hand sew it!

  9. Very cool! I've always wanted to try Wonder Under, too!

  10. This is really cute! I made elbow patches using this same method. It is really fun and addictive.



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