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How to Wear DIY: The vintage lace remade skirt and pleather!

I love when I can combine vintage and trendy contemporary style, and of course also a homemade piece! So here goes... voila the skirt that I made out of a vintage shift dress in a outfit I wore to work and then date night.

I love this skirt and really should wear it more! It's awesome chunky black lace, nice and substantial. So I didn't feel weird wearing it with my cozy black pleather and fur jacket and motorcycle booties. ;) Also been loving lace with chambray, and I pretty much live in basic blue button-ups, so love getting a chance to dress mine up.
 Jacket: Ross (similar). Scarf: gift, H&M. Shirt: Old Navy (similar).
Boots: Forever 21 (similar/similar). Skirt: DIY, from a vintage lace dress!


  1. What a fun skirt! I have a store-bought lace skirt, which is pretty similar to yours, but the lining is black and it's hard to appreciate the details unless you're close up.

  2. Very sleek! That is a beautiful skirt.

  3. You look fantastic! Aren't you so exciting about the weather change? Bring on the warmth!

  4. Kayla Moothart3/13/2013

    That skirt is fantastic! I like that it can be dressed up or down!

  5. Whoa! Check out the new commenting set up. I love the bottom portion that includes stuff you also wrote. Very neat. Love the skirt... you look fab, as usual!

  6. That's a great outfit! It just all works so nicely together! :)

  7. Brooke Smith3/14/2013

    great combo! and i love the scarf, too.

  8. I like the lace/chambray combo :)


  9. Odette3/16/2013

    I'm currently teaching myself the basics of sewing, and finding your blog has been a huge help. Thanks so much for your clear guidance-it is greatly appreciated! http://sherbertdreams.wordpress.com/

  10. Bonnie Iliyn3/19/2013

    ummm, can I just hire you to make all of my clothes?! You are fantastic! xoxo




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