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How to Wear DIY: DIY jean shorts for winter

What a fun weekend! We kept a low profile and hung around at home most of the weekend, and saw family on Sunday, but it was so exciting to see our home in the Homes and Gardens section of the Portland paper The Oregonian. We were the front page story! (You can read more about it here!)

Also this weekend I tried out a new look for this super awkward time of year... it's still cold and grey, but we're tired of warm fall/winter colors, but it's not quite time to pull out the bright pastels. So thanks to the latest issues of Lucky and InStyle I read recently--they're taunting us with short skirts and springy colors...--I figured, how about a hybrid outfit? I can rock the cutoffs with tights, right?!

Worth a try, anyway. I pulled out some simple DIY cutoffs I made a couple summers ago (tutorial here, a few steps beyond just cutting off a pair of jeans!) and added tights and booties. I have literally never worn tights and shorts before. Pretty crazy! ;) But I tried the more practical version of Lauren Conrad's cover look--long necklace, lacy/textured neutral top... it pretty much worked, I think!
DIY cutoffs for winter-004
Blazer: Target. Top and vintage bag: Goodwill. Necklace and boots: F21 (similar necklace).
Shorts: DIY makeover!

Do you rock shorts with tights in winter?! I think it helps beat the late-winter wardrobe blues! Any other tips??


  1. I've seen lots of people wear tights and shorts, but they always looked a little tacky. You, however, have pulled of the look wonderfully - I think the jacket, thick tights, and ankle boots pulled it all together nicely!

  2. I haven't done shorts with tights, but it's because I never thought of it. I have the perfect tweedy shorts that would look great with tights for cold weather but somehow it never occurred to me Thanks!!!

  3. i am so sick of my winter wardrobe too! i love how you are thinking in new ways and pulling out something very summery!

  4. Anonymous2/26/2013

    I absolutely love your hair style in this post! It's elegant, classy, yet with a hint of youthful spirit. Could you show us how you did it? =)

  5. You make denim shorts look so classy. i was a bit skeptical but I think I might be able to pull off this look. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait until your book comes out, I am such a fan. This blog is one of the blogs that inspired me to blog (I know, redundant! lol. )

  6. Anonymous2/26/2013

    Hi! You do look so cute but I am waaaaay to old for that look! However, I do agree with "Anonymous" that your hair is quite classy. What did you use to hold the sides together? Give us your trick, please! I might be too old for the shorts and tights but I think I can still wear my hair the way I want it!

  7. Girls here wear tights with their shorts all the time, but sometimes it's so short it's practically indecent! The casual way they do it here (in Scotland) is to wear it with a jumper to keep warm ;)

  8. How crazy that I've never really thought to wear jean shorts in the summer! Love that look though. Def going to have to try that out!


  9. I love jeans in the winter...but I always forget to pull them out from the back of my closet! This is a cute reminder :)

    Natasha ~ TashaDelrae.com

  10. Georgiana3/13/2013

    Hello..I really love what you're doing. You are very talented. I was also wondering...what sewing machine do you use? Do you have an overlock as well? Thank you :)

  11. Thanks! I am currently using a Bernina 350 PE but I also have a vintage Viking Husqvarna and vintage Pfaff. I don't have a serger/overlock machine right now =( but would love to have one!!



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