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Nice to Meet You: Favorite things you've made

As part of the "It's Nice to Meet You!" series some of us Alt class bloggers have put together, today's question for all of you! is, what are your favorites of the things you've made??

Last time we talked about what you like to do at home. Which was quite timely, since I was surrounded by boxes at the time and so excited to move into our new place! But this time, we're each sharing 6 of our favorite creations--of any kind.

And so can you! What are the top 6 of the things you've made? Sewing, home decor, furniture, digital art, paper crafts, jewelry, food, gardening I suppose... It's hard to choose, of course! Let's see, I think my current faves, projects I'm most proud of (off the top of my head as I write this), are:

1. Well, my wedding dress was definitely one of the things I'm most proud of and most happy with.

2. I love all the dresses I made for my bridesmaids, too. And my shoe poufs, birdcage veil... all that DIY wedding stuff I made. =)

3. It's hard to pick, but one of my fave house projects was my Anthro-inspired ruffled shower curtain, ages ago!

4. I'm also pretty darn pleased with the mint wedges I dyed earlier this summer, and that yellow seersucker peplum top... I love summer clothes. Siiiigh, fall and winter are coming...

5. I guess I should include my peplum party dress, too... worn here, inspired by that Jason Wu peplum dress Blake Lively and other people were wearing last year. I wish I got more chances to wear party clothes... but I'm glad I made the dress, either way!

6. One more home dec DIY, so fresh off the presses I haven't even posted about it yet, is my DIY tufted headboard project. I've made a lot of headboard recovering attempts since my dad built me this frame, but this one's by far the best--only the best for our new house! I love the perfect grey velveteen, and I combined several of what I figured were the best tutorials online, and I found a really superior way to make the tufting than I'd ever thought of on my own. And I tried really hard to make it good! More later, I swear!

Now, what about you?

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  1. I can't wait to see your headboard! Was it the pegboard trick??

    1. The pegboard helped a lot, but the epiphany was coming through from the front instead of the back! Then attaching the buttons discreetly after tightening the tuft! Can't wait to share pics!

  2. Get out! I cannot believe you made your wedding dress! And then I scroll down to see you' made the bridesmaid dresses, too? OMG I am so amazed at your talent. Nice job.

  3. YOu are SO crazy talented! I cant wait to find out about those perfect tufts!!

  4. oh my goodness, that's crazy that you made your own wedding dress and all your bridesmaids dresses. that's awesome!! all of your projects are absolutely beautiful. i can't wait to see the finished headboard!

  5. Basically everything you've made is amazing! I especially love your wedding dress! Thanks for the link up!

  6. You have such beautiful talent! Love the shoes.

  7. I love all the things you made for your wedding :) Thanks for the link up

  8. You have made some really beautiful things! Your wedding stuff! You rock!!!!

  9. I love everything you've made here, but that wedding dress takes the cake! Beautiful!

  10. If we lived closer I would ask for lessons. Your wedding dress is beyond gorgeous!! And all those different bridesmaids too. Wonderful

  11. Wow - I can't believe you made such a beautiful wedding dress and then managed to make all your bridesmaid dresses too. You must have been super-bride! Really neat stuff and very inspiring for someone who doesn't (yet) know how to operate a sewing machine. ;)

  12. Thanks so much, ladies!! I had soooo much fun making my wedding dress and loved that I could make exactly what my bridesmaids and I wanted for their dresses.

    Can't wait to share headboard pics!

  13. I actually visited your blog for your gathered skirt tutorial but couldn't resist looking at the rest of your posts - your wedding dress was beautiful & I love that shower curtain!

  14. That's funny I was planning a post like this in the future; the funny thing is I can't think of a fav. thing. I guess I am like that with most things though, I don't necessarily have a favorite food, color (although green is pretty close) restuarant etc. I just don't get too attached to things, or maybe it's because my mind stays in wonderment so there are too many things that interest me to be tied down to one lol. If I had to try and think of anything the closest I would come would be a denim jacket I once made for a coworker as a gift and my sister's wedding dress. I must say that is pretty awesom that you did your own wedding dress and all your bridesmaids, too cool. BTW do you own a dressform?

    1. oooh I forgot I once made a gorgeous card box for a customer whose duaghter was getting married and she asked her mom to make a keepsake for the wedding and the mother told her she would make the card box. Well she had absolutely no idea what to do and asked me to make it after I gave her some ideas on what she could do. I did not intend to take on this project, but I felt so sorry for the lady lol The mother said she would tell the daughter she made it lol I did think that was a little deceptive :) but it was definitel one of my favorite craft projects!

  15. Интересный блог)
    Присоединяйся, надеюсь на взаимность!

  16. Love all your wedding things too and that you made the dresses! Amazing. And I love that little yellow seersucker top too.



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