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HWDIY: Peach-picking, simple knit miniskirt, and new house.

How to Wear DIY post today! Obviously we've been doing a ton of house projects lately, but luckily also got a chance for some peach-picking at a U-pick place out in the country not far from us, Jossy Farms. I looooove U-pick anything, and now it's peach, pear, and apple season! And these are only $0.90/lb!

I know the magazines and stores are full of fall fashion, but it's supposed to be up to 89 still this week, and I'm (as usual this time of year) in denial that summer's almost over. I still haven't worn a bathing suit yet, people! So anyway, I'm still dressing for (late) summer, and wore this simple knit miniskirt with a fave checkered top for peach-picking. Was a great combo, way more festive than shorts, but still cool enough!

Fresh, no-pesticide spray, local peaches... mmm... you'll notice the fuzz is super visible. They have way more fuzz than grocery store peaches, until you wash them I guess!
 Sandals: Old Navy via Goodwill (similar). Shirt: Old Navy. Necklace: Forever 21. 
Watch: AE. Skirt: DIY!

We got 19 pounds of peaches and a few pears, all $0.90/lb, and I've since frozen a bunch. But the day after picking, my mom came by the new house to help me strategize decorating, and of course she styled them. She likes things pretty. So here are some still-lifes from the new house. ;)

Update: Along with this early fall produce... the back-to-school looks are upon us! I'm in denial that colder weather and dark colors are coming, however, so this is my "Back to School" look for Everybody, Everywear this month. With Oregon temperatures pretty high through September, I'm sticking to the last remnants of summer!

Back To School | Everybody, Everywear


  1. You are so stinking cute! I love going out and picking fruit. We only have an apple orchard around here, but I've already been once and plan to go back several times throughout the fall. Your outfit makes me excited to not be pregnant anymore! Next summer will be a cute one for me! ha ha

    1. Haha, thanks! I bet pregnant fruit-picking outfits are cute, too, though! Some kind of metaphor, maybe... ;)

  2. great post!

  3. Anonymous9/04/2012

    I went peach picking a few weeks ago here in MA, but the peaches were $1.99/lb. Almost as much as buying at the supermarket :( I guess you pay for the experience!

    1. Yes, I guess so... plus the freshness! You get to know they're freshly picked and ripe, rather than stored for several months sometimes in nearly-freezing before going to the store. Maybe if you get farther out from the city the farms would be cheaper?

  4. We really need to go out there. Jossy Farms is owned by a friend's family. I have never been there before, but it sounds awesome. And, I love peaches.

  5. Those peaches look delicous! You look so lovely as always!

  6. Those peaches look amazing! Yum! Also I adore this outfit. Super chic and fun for peach picking. Popping over from EBEW.

  7. I just hopped over from EBEW. Love the outfit you put together! That top is adorable! Peaches are up there with my favorite things ever. :)


  8. Love that skirt! So cute and comfy looking! ;)

  9. I'm always so jealous of those who can make their own clothes! I'm only at the scarf making level....

    I can't wait to go apple picking - only a few more weeks! I'm so looking forward to making fresh apple pieces :)

  10. The peaches look delicious!
    Your checkered shirt is perfect for a day in the orchard and it reminds me of my kindergarten uniform. ;P


  11. Love that skirt. Simply beautiful!



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