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How to Wear DIY: Upcycled summer

It has been HOT lately. In the 90's and up to low 100's some weekends and I'm loving the summer-ness of it! But, it's the time of year when you really need those simple dresses because they are SO much more comfortable than jean shorts and tee shirts. So I had the perfect chance to wear this upcycled strapless colorblock dress to a casual family dinner.

Remember this is the one I made from an old white Talbots blouse with some cool pleating details in the front. I love the clean whiteness of it--very summery--and the extra detail makes it really fun on this bodice.

(Strapless dresses just totally say "summer" to me, and I have a hard time wearing them until it's really hot. It's like I'd be playing with fate to wear them in June even if it's technically warm enough that day... I dunno, I guess I have a complex! ;) )

Luckily there was a little bit of summer breeze!
Sandals: Old Navy via Goodwill (similar). Bag: Old Navy. Necklace: Forever 21.
Watch: AE. Dress: DIY, upcycled from old blouse and dress!

Have you pulled out the strapless dresses yet???


  1. Adorable! Love the pleats. I'm a follower of your blog and have a clutch giveaway going on right now. The URL is:


    I thought you and your readers might be interested in entering :)

    Keep the adorable dresses coming!

  2. Cute dress! your dresses and your blog inspires feminity awesome! Your blog inspires me to have my dream sewing room and just happily sew all day lol :)

  3. Happy to hear that there´s hot. You look great in those picture´s! You really make it work!

  4. This is SO CUTE! And, I completely agree with you -- I've been LIVING in skirts and dresses these past couple of hot weeks. They're just so comfy! :)

  5. We don´t have summer this year%( So most part of my summer wardrobe was useless%(



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