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A three-hour dress. I like to get creative.

A three-hour dress could be a bad thing, I realize.  But this one I'm really happy with!

I bought this simple rayon print at JoAnn on clearance, I think $1.50 a yard cuz it was half off the clearance price of $3 or $5/yard.  I love the black/warm brown/navy/pink/red color combo!  I wanted something relatively loose, a dress, not a top, but I was originally thinking a dolman sleeve or open sleeve.  But I didn't have any patterns that were quite close enough, so I used this old standby.

Simplicity 2497--I've used it a million times but I never make it like the pictures on the cover show.  This time, I didn't do the waistband and instead zigzagged some elastic to the seam allowance pressed up, and I made it shorter.  I  used the sleeves from view A and the rest was more like view C, although shorter.  Since I had elastic instead of a waistband, I didn't need a zipper in the back so it just pulls over the head!

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I know, it looks a little droopy hanging on the hanger... that's how rayon drapes, ya know.

I gave it a bias binding on the neck and sleeves, of some black china silk.  After working on heavy cottons and wools and knits this winter, this project was SO much easier to press.  OMG.  Like, barely any heat on the iron, and both fabrics did exactly what I asked.  Sweet.

It's pretty fun to wear--lightweight and comfy, but not bare or anything.

I'm hoping this will transition from winter to spring, cuz it's a lightweight fabric but dark color.  For now, I'm thinking I'll need to wear it with dark tights or leggings, and maybe boots!  What would you do??

P.S.!  OMG!  I posted this this morning, but while perusing ModCloth this evening I saw this dress...

Very similar, am-I-right?!!?  It's also a lot like these (also ModCloth) cuties...

Always nice when you can back up your assertions, right?  My point: this style of dress is cute.  ModCloth proved it for me ;)!


  1. it's a real cutie dress, and it suits you great.. wish i can wear something similar now, but it's snowing heavily.. maybe i should sew something similar, to cheer myself up.. thanks for the inspiration

  2. I would actually go for a ruffled collar version of this dress myself, could make it look more wow! But that's just me, love. Your version is super cute

  3. Super dress!!! Really cute and looks v. comfy.

  4. So nice, it looks really comfy to wear. I would wear it with a belt...but then I guess it wouldn't be quite as comfy.

  5. wear it with red tights! it would be so adorable and make the other colors pop.

  6. Love it! It looks so comfy, but cute & dress-up-able, too! I have this pattern, but I've never made it because it seems on the fancier side... but now I think I can make a casual version! Thanks for the inspo!

  7. Anonymous1/25/2012

    wow, that is so great! I love it! I might have to try one too.

  8. Aaw, thanks!

    Red tights are a great idea!!

    @Sarah, I love this pattern for casual looks. Try it out! =)

  9. This is so beautiful! it makes me want to break out the machine right this second. Definitely might make something like this later...Thanks for the inspiration

  10. So precious!! I don't think I would ever have the patience for it though!

  11. i have the same pattern too! great minds think alike! ;) I haven't been to your blog for awhile but I just wanted to say hi and congrats on getting married! I'm now off to find your old posts about your wedding.

  12. I think yours is much cuter than the ones on ModCloth - and it fits you perfectly! :-)



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