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Sweater surgery

Sweater renovation, I guess?  Sweater transformation.  I think that's the best term.

I bought this striped Forever 21 tunic-ey sweater at Goodwill Outlet in the bins for $1.39/lb or whatever.  It was a Large and was really loose on me, but (as you are well aware if you follow me on Pinterest!) I love stripes, and the price was right.

I tried to wear it loose, as-is, but it got even bigger as I wore it and it stretched out.

So I figured, while it was wearable, I really ought to take it in and make it fit better.  I used this method I've tutorial-ized before, and took in both sides all the way up as well as the sleeves a little.  Huge difference!

Want to see the "after"??

I seriously look like 6 inches off, I swear.  Now it's more of a dress/tunic, seriously, cuz it's so long as well as slim-fitting.

Great with leggings or something!  I think... would love to hear your ideas on how you'd wear it!  Or, have you done any remarkable sweater surgery lately??


  1. I'm thinking it would be great if you modelled these baggy sweaters 'before' and 'after' to help some of us slower types see just what you've done. I love that you are able to make something shapeless into a wearable garment.

  2. I would wear it with a cute red pencil skirt, for a nautical look :-)

  3. @Shelley, it would be great if I had been able to model them, sorry.. next time! Hopefully soon we'll move and I'll have a better background to stand in front of, too.

    Fun idea, @Popababe!

  4. love it!! i agree with popbabe7.. would look great with something red!!

  5. Anonymous1/31/2012

    I'd wear it with tights and boots, or your skinny red jeans with ballet flats, love stripes also!



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