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Double-time! How to Wear DIY: Ruffled skirt and custom cardi

Here's a How to Wear DIY outfit with two pieces I made myself/did DIY treatments to...

First, the easy one.  I don't think I did a post for it, but the sweater I'm wearing is a nice one from LOFT that I got at Goodwill despite the fact it was at least 1.5 sizes too big.  I took it in using the tips I explain in this tutorial.

Next, the fun one!  The skirt--crossover drape, pre-ruffled fabric so super easy... I made it and explained it in this tutorial using Ruffle Fabric!  Only takes a little over a yard.  Seriously check out that post for inspiration on ruffly goodness and how fun and easy it was to use the Ruffle Fabric!

When I made the skirt I was imagining it in a cute look for a party or dinner-type occasion.  But, it's winter still, so... here's a take on it that's a little bit more practical for the season here in Oregon.

With the natural waist of the skirt, it'd be a shame to hide it with a layer over, so I tucked the sweater in!  It's fun to show off the waist with a waist belt, but keep it warm enough with the long sleeves.

I love the back of the skirt, too.  Those ruffles are so fun!
Earrings and tank: Forever 21. Necklaces and belt: Nordstrom Rack. Shoes: JC Penney. 
Skirt: DIY, with Ruffle Fabric! Sweater: DIY, taken in from a LOFT one!


  1. I am in love with the entire outfit! I hope I don't mess up the tutorial for that awesome skirt!

  2. Oh love this look so much, the skirt is gorgeous!

  3. Really cute! Ruffles don't suit me at all but I love them on other people, especially you! :-)

  4. I love the ruffles, such a romantic outfit!

  5. I love this series-so fun! I was challenged this winter with working from my wardrobe and purchasing little. I made a lot during last spring/summer so it's challenging and fun to create winter looks out of them! Very rewarding and stretching that DIY work!

  6. I love the whole outfit, you look great. And the photos are fantastic!

  7. You always accessorise so well and look so put-together! As ever, I'm impressed!

  8. Aaw, thanks, ladies! Glad you like the outfit. Yup, ruffles are lots of fun!

  9. Georgous look!! Love the skirt:D



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