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I needed a playful fall skirt.

So for a while now I've been collecting pics of cute outfit looks with playful skirts.  Seems all I have are pencil skirts and lightweight summer skirts--not a whole lot in between.  Nothing like any of these lovely, generally fuller, fun skirts.  What a wearable length, right??

I love the bright colors, and they look great with tights.

I had some red sateen left over from this dress.  I love red and brights this year (have you seen my Pinterest board dedicated to them?) and something about a fun red, rather than a sexy red, appealed to me.  So I went for something playful and fuller--not tight or clingy.

I wanted to do pleats for the fullness, and a simple waistband.  You hardly need a pattern for a pleated skirt but I used Simplicity 2512 as a base, just for proportion.  I cut out the A/B skirt but just used a straight waistband (and rather than gather, I pleated the skirt into it).

Here it is!  Bright, fun, and sort of trans-seasonal.

Wow, I need to press things better.  This is embarrassing.  I promise I'll press it before I wear it out!  I pressed it when I finished sewing, I swear, but then it was folded.

Gotta put together an outfit with it soon for How to Wear DIY!  It looks like it'll be pretty versatile, right?

Anyone have any brilliant outfit ideas for it?


  1. Anonymous11/22/2011

    I find a good pair of fleece-lined tights or leggings help a lot of my skirts/dresses make the transition through the seasons. Plus, to me, they look great (and are even warmer) with socks layered on top. And then boots. Oh yes.

  2. i really like this!! all the skirts you showed as inspiration are so great!!!

  3. I love the color of the skirt! I think it's begging to be worn with scarf, leggings, and boots but I'm in MInnesota where it is frigid and need layers, layers, layers!

  4. I think it would look great with grey woolen tights (you know, the patterned kind our mothers put us in as babies? Well, now they come in adult sizes and they look so cozy chic!) with boots and a black or dark grey cardigan. It would make the colour in the skirt pop but still keep you warm and cozy.

  5. Ooh, great ideas, guys! Definitely tights--heather grey would be cute!

    I love layers, too!

  6. That first inspiration picture is amazing! Love the color of that skirt.

  7. Janine W.11/23/2011

    I love all the ideas that have boots and tights! For a holiday party the skirt would look so cute with a very plain sequined or shiney tank top with perhaps a jacket in a neutral colored herringbone. I see you love Cynthia Rowley patterns by Simplicity - did you ever notice how all of her patterns mix together so well? I love the jackets from #2443 and #2250!

  8. That is so amazing! I love your skirt! And all the looks that inspired it! Absolutely lovely Suzannah :)



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