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How to Wear DIY: Lace-trimmed shorts

Happy last day of summer!

With highs in the 80's for this week, it still feels like summer, although I've seen a few leaves turning.  This is a nice time of year in Oregon.

On a clothing note, I recently cleaned out my closet and ruthlessly got rid of things I don't wear.  I cut down my wardrobe by more than half!  It felt AMAZING!

But, it got me thinking, I only want to make my own clothes if I'm really going to wear them.  I've made some things that I love, either inspired by something else or made from a fabric I was in love with, but there are other things I've made that I never wear.  It's such a shame!  In my early years of sewing, I used to make things just because there was cheap fabric, and that was probably a great learning experience, but now I'd like to stick to things I'll really wear.

So, I thought I'd start by showing you how I do wear things I've made in a new series I'll call "How to Wear DIY."  The best feeling with DIY clothes is when you can put them together in super cute outfits so they don't look homemade or off-brand.  Luckily there are so many styles in fashion now, all kinds of looks can look great, so a wide range of DIY projects can be put together with storebought items for great outfits!

I'll start today, on this last official day of summer, with these shorts I made last July.  They were inspired by this page from Lucky Mag, and I did a tutorial for how to make your own.  Hey, and I just realized when I went back to that post... There are yellow shoes on the page, and check out what's on my feet when I wear the shorts!  This was unintentional...

Here are the shorts worn my way--I've been loving my soft denim shirt this year, and it's fun to pair it with something girly!  Plus, I always wish I could pull off shorts and heels... so it's great to have shorts that can be dressed up a little!

The belted waist makes me feel more feminine and less cowboy in the soft denim shirt.  I guess the intensely tall shoes do that, too!  (Interestingly, both were brand new Target donations I got at Goodwill, the shoes for $3.99!)
Shoes and denim shirt: Target via Goodwill. Tank: Gap. Belt: Charlotte Russe. 
Necklaces: Forever 21. Shorts: DIY!

So how about you?  Do you find it's easy or hard to wear things you've made with things you've bought?  There'll be more How to Wear DIY posts in the future, so think about it and challenge yourself to wear more!


  1. Anonymous9/22/2011

    I love the idea for this series...so many times I've made something and shortly thereafter thought to myself, "now what?"

    Also - I too have been lucky enough to find new Target products at Goodwill. I used to have a Goodwill in Queens where I could always find that stuff (and designer for Target items too! I guess the designer stuff is too wacky for the typical shopper in Queens). In fact, a good chunk of my wardrobe is from that Goodwill...

  2. Melisa9/22/2011

    Great new series!! Whenever I make something, even if it didn't turn out that great, I have a hard time getting rid of it. It sits in my closet and I never wear it. I need to treat those clothes the same as I would other clothes. Excited to see how you integrate DIY things into everday items!!

    (I also love scoring new Target items at the Goodwill, especially something you saw at Target, really liked, but didn't want to pay full price for it, then find it for a fraction of the price at Goodwill brand new!! I love Goodwill...)

  3. Thanks! Glad to hear I'm not alone! It should be fun to put some DIY'd projects to good use/wear.

  4. You make a great point! I do typically wear things I make. THey just fit me so well!

  5. Anonymous9/23/2011

    i heart those shoes!!! and i can tell you are trying different poses and it looks really cute!!!


  6. Such a cute outfit!

    I used to work on the pricing team at Target, and if things get to their last markdown, which is 75% off, and don't sell, then they're boxed up and sent to Goodwill. While I think it's great that they donate their stuff, oftentimes Goodwill will price it higher than the 75% off price...so if you just keep an eye on your Target clearance racks, you can usually find some great stuff.

  7. Anonymous9/23/2011

    Such a lovely new series ! I often can't think of a way to style my me-made garments and as I really like your styling I can't wait for the next post !(This one isn't useful to me because I do not have your great legs and just can't wear shorts !)


  8. Lace shorts! I'm just finishing up a pair of shorts that I'm trimming all around with lace. Hopefully I get a sunny day or two to wear them before fall really sets in.



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