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Wedding dress! First preview

My mom and I had a super fun personal sewing projects day on Saturday, and cut out and sewed on things for ourselves.  She has a business making historic clothing for reenactors and museums and such, and doesn't often find time to sew for herself.  We also talked a lot about inspirations and designs for my wedding dress, which we'll be making!

I went to JoAnn's after and bought some of the several fabrics/materials that will go on my dress.  I'm really excited.  Just a quick sneak preview for you... I can't give it all away at once!  Here are a few of the pieces...
I can't wait to start putting it together next weekend!  I am so excited!  It will be pretty, I swear ;)


  1. i am just DYING to see what you'll do for your wedding dress! it's bound to be stunning.

  2. This is no preview!!! You make us curious, i can't wait to see what you'll do with it

  3. I'm not sure if it's the lighting of the photo, but that looks peach/pinkish. I'm excited already. I'm sure it will be awesome.

  4. I am interested because the tulle looks like a pale pink.

  5. I had not made the connection that you are the Lavender's Green proprietresses daughter. When I lived in Oregon I met your mom once at an Oregon Regency Society Ball. Anyway I love your blog and your mom's work. I can't wait to see your dress.

  6. Anonymous4/04/2011

    Can't wait to see what you sew!

  7. Anonymous4/04/2011

    so stoked!
    also, i'm jealous of all the fun things your mom makes!

  8. Haha, sorry, it is a tiny sneak preview!! You will see more later, I swear! I am soooo excited. Yes, there is a peach and a pink, and an ivory and a grey in the tulle. The base is pale grey. This is just the big fabric pieces, mind you...

    @Cosmo, how cool, I was probably there too!

  9. What pretty fabric! I've thought off and on about making my own wedding dress, but it seems like such a bigger commitment than other dressmaking. Can't wait to see what you do.

  10. I love what you do, and how you do it!!
    You are and have always been a fearless sewist...I know you will come up with a beautiful and lovely gown!!!
    And that is why I love being one of your sponsors.
    Have fun with your inventive and cool picks for fabrics!!

  11. Hi,
    I been following you for a while, I'm doing my wedding dress too:-)
    I'm so excited too, and a little scared because I don't have helping mom:-(
    I'm sure yours will be fantastic!!:-D

  12. Thanks so much for posting about your dress! I just got engaged 3 weeks ago and have already decided to make my dress--everyone I tell looks at me like I'm completely crazy so it's nice to know that there are others out there just as crazy! Can't wait to see it!

  13. Thanks, ladies!! And congrats to the other soon-to-be-married of you out there--we can TOTALLY make our own wedding dresses!!

    Mine will be a very simple pattern and style but made beautiful with the hand-finishing and embellishment details I add...

  14. I love your fabrics! My wedding last year was very DIY also... I made the 6 bridesmaid dresses, table runners, save the date cards, and invitations with 6 enclosures that involved lots of punching and stamping - needless to say, I drew the line at making my own dress! I think that making your own wedding dress is such a special and fun project, I was just having too much fun with the other projects so I bought mine! Can't wait to see your dress as it progresses!



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