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Paint colors by request

I am so flattered by all the awesome comments and compliments that came in when I shared the little home tour of the house we just moved out of (and the before/afters I posted!).  It was a small house and we were on a tight budget, and it never looked as good as I wanted it.  But you all liked what I did with it, and requested I share the paint colors with you!!

I had dreams of grey walls, but the landlord put in brand new brownish carpet right before we moved in, so that was out for the living room.  We chose "Dungeon Bronze" by Dutch Boy, B13-1, for the living room, since it was a greyish brown...
I still could have done grey in the dining room and hallways, but then the brown-grey transition might have been weird.  So after a lot of thought, we chose what was basically a lot of shades darker than Dungeon Bronze, although it was the HD Designs (Kroger/Fred Meyer) brand.
We didn't want as white as the Dutch Boy card's palest color, so went with the very similar tone from HD Designs, not the palest but the third in on the card, called Hidden Cove (0210).

In that color, the dining room came out a lovely warm, pale grey:
Although Hidden Cove looks very different in different lights.  We also used it in the hall/stairway (uuugh, I wish I had painted that handrail white...):
See, there's the new brown/tan carpet, and it doesn't look totally awful with the wam grey...

The bedroom was Dutch Boy's White Wedding, a very cool white.

In my house tour post you'll see other rooms, but Jason's office is the blah, blah, icky apartment ivory that was already there, and the bathroom paint I mixed myself from other colors, and never really loved.  The kitchen was the stock white out of a gallon from Ace Hardware that we had.  Ha!

I have learned some things, of course, from painting almost a whole house, and am already thinking about the next place!  I want to go for a soft color throughout the house, probably light, light tan, and want to use recycled Metro Paint this time.  Our regional government, Metro, has paint recycling facilities and sells really high quality recycled paint in a few colors that they mix themselves.  You can buy it at Miller and Fred Meyer stores all over the Portland area and in other parts of Oregon.  It's a great price and is eco-friendly!


  1. I really like the wall hangings beside the bed. What a smart idea, perfect for that ugly, blank wall in the house we are renting!

  2. The embroidery hoops? Thanks! I blogged about that project here: http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/2010/04/simple-springy-diy-wall-decor.html

  3. That was a rented house?! You're lucky your landlord let you do so much!



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