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Pretty paper lanterns--of course!

Happy Monday!
Wanted to share these pretty DIY paper lanterns I saw on this cute paper goods blog recently.  So pretty and simple, and a great use for the amazing scrapbook paper I always see at JoAnn's and never know what to do with.  Sometimes it's like 5 sheets for $1, so I buy some pretty ones that go with my current decor, but usually don't use them much.  Anyway, here's a perfect use if you're like me and don't scrapbook!
Girly ones and less girly ones--both types work!
There is a video tutorial on the Traveling Mama's post here--check it out and make some simple paper lanterns!


  1. Very cute...these would be great in a preschool classroom. :)

  2. How cute!

    natasha @ twenty-something blog

  3. Has anyone ever had issues with your site showing up as potentially harmful with McAfee other than myself? Every time I visit I get a red alert. :/

  4. Those ARE cute. THey kinda remind me of eggs, which is a nice motif. Soooo much scrapbook paper in my home (and I don't scrapbook!)

  5. I'm going to try that with brads, and put a straw in the middle so they stay Round. it will be a fun activity for the kids!

  6. Those Are too cute. I also love the llama in the second last picture. ( I <3 llamas)



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