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More great engagement photo sources

I can't tell you how happy I was to hear all your great comments about my thoughts about engagement photos this weekend!

When I posted that, I was thinking about places in and around Portland to do our engagement shoot.  I was so impressed by all the fantastic local photographers I found just through simple Google searches!
But you all reminded me of the great places to look for engagement shoot inspiration.  Here's where I've been looking:

What other sites do any of your recommend for places to find galleries of great engagement shoots??

And as I was looking through for more inspiration on these blogs, I saw a feature on Green Wedding Shoes called, "Should we get engagement photos?"  Very good little article!  She talks about different types of locations... urban, in a field...
And then in Part 2 of the about engagement photos info, she talks about props and other funky additions.
All above photos from Green Wedding Shoes
It is good to hear more perspectives about engagement shoots, especially from someone who sees them all the time from different photographers.  Anyone know of any other advice columns or anything about engagement photography??
I also found a bunch of photos (and this cute save-the-date!) I liked on Ruffled.  Want to see?
All from Ruffled

Now I feel like shoe-shopping so I can wear something super cute for our photos!

Thanks again for all your help about engagement shoots the other day, and I loved seeing some of your photos from your engagements!  I will be scheduling a time and place for our photos sometime this week, so it's great to have more to think about before I make any big decisions =)


  1. Engagement photos have come a long way since I got married! LOL

  2. Anonymous8/25/2010

    Wonderful images! I love them all especially the last image with the pretty Turquoise shoes!

  3. Yours will be lovely! I am excited for you!

  4. My big concern when we had engagement photos taken was that no one would really have a chance to see them once wedding photos were done and life had moved on past that point...so I used a montage of our fave engagement photos to make a photo book that served as our guestbook for the wedding. We used shutterfly and made it look really cute with lots of space in the margins for our guests to write notes on the page with their favorite pic. It's one of my favorite things in the house now! and lives quite happily on my coffee table. Guests in our home love to browse through it and read some of the funny notes inside.

  5. lovely!! really - i am rethinking plaid flannel shirts with the above pics!

  6. The photo guest book is such a cool idea, I think we may do that--it's a more lasting guest book, too, that we will remember to look at and show off!

  7. We visited my sister near Mt. Hood and did our engagement photo at Snoquamie (sp?) Falls! It was gorgeous to have the falls as a backdrop. We created a "Save the Date" evite that we emailed to everyone with our image in the background. I should post them online. Here's a link to my wedding album. I had 3 professional photographers at the wedding: http://picasaweb.google.com/margiejosh/WeddingAlbum052507#

  8. Beautiful wedding, Eva! I would love to see your save-the-dates!

  9. Very beautiful photos! Have you thought about making your own veil for the wedding? I would love to see a tutorial for that!

  10. Joli Photography took my engagement photos in downtown Portland - at Laurelhurst Park, and there is a funky old brick wall close to Hot Lips Pizza & Sip & Kranz in the Pearl area. Here is a link for more inspiration: www.joliphotographie.com Our photos are listed on July 1st - Paul & El :)

    We had a blast getting our photos taken! Enjoy!



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