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Blog swap with The How-To Gal!

Hello Readers--
I'm off on my road trip and won't have as much time to update this week, so I'm excited to have a guest post from Anna Rose of The How-To Gal!
Hello, Adventure in Dressmaking fans! I'm Anna Rose from The How-To Gal and my favorite thing in the world are DIY projects. I started my blog, The How-To Gal, last year to keep me busy as a SAHM. I post daily how-tos, furniture makeovers and craft projects.

Isn't Suzannah awesome? She inspires me on a daily basis to stop drooling over expensive fashions and just make them for myself! While she's out exploring the West, I'm here to show a simple and easy way to spice up your home decor.

How-To Make Chevron Art

I am addicted to the Chevron pattern floating around the design world, ADDICTED. So I decided to update these two outdated prints to the trendy pattern:
I would recommend spraying a coat of primer over the top of your boards if there is something painted over them like mine. Primer is thicker than regular spray paint and cuts down on the number of coats needed.

I spray painted my base white and then added color on top. If you plan on doing a light and dark color pattern for your chevron, spray your lighter color first.

Trace your chevron pattern lightly with a pencil. I used a carpenter's triangle to create my initial shape. Start with one V and then from there create a grid like this:

By measuring equidistant dots from each point on the V you will create an even wave. I drew my first V, brought my carpenter's triangle down from the center and the ends 2.5" and plotted my points. It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but I measured down first and then moved on to the connecting Vs.

Continue connecting your dots and tracing your lines until the pattern covers your white base coat.

Tape off your sections and break out the spray paint! If you spray your base with the lighter color first, the darker chevron strips require less paint.

Voila! A beautiful pop of color for any room in your home!
The power of spray paint never ceases to amaze me. Thank you, Suzannah, for having me today! I can't promise any awesome sewing projects over at The How-To Gal, but if home decor makeovers and other DIY tutorials strike your fancy, come visit me!
Thanks, Anna Rose, for sharing today!
Readers, if you like this, think about using some of these techniques along with mine on my DIY zig zag rug tutorial of a few months back!


  1. This project reminds me a little bit of Anna Maria Horner's Painted Fabric Silhouettes, which is another way to take something like the flower canvases you started with, and create something pretty awesome :)

  2. Love it! Chic and simple :)

    Natasha @ twenty-something blog

  3. I love this print - that looks so great!



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