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Two dresses, one pattern--last summer's success

Last summer I was inspired by I Love You, Man and the darling outfits Rashida Jones wears--I've blogged about them before!--and I really wanted to copy a cute sheath dress she wears.  Navy, yoked, with wide white lace down the center and cap sleeves.  This is the best screen shot I could find, unfortunately, so you'll have to watch the movie!
Anyway I searched and searched for a pattern that would make something similar, and the best I could find was my variation on the dress from Simplicity 2896.
I made the dress, but used the exact sleeves from the cap sleeve jacket--they fit the armholes.  I used a textured cotton in off-navy from JoAnn's that was on clearance in several colors.  It didn't need a lining, just the facing at the neck.  Here I am wearing the dress while setting up at a party last summer:
It's so fun and simple, and I feel so cute wearing it!  I love easy cute outfits like this dress--just throw it on and you're dressed.  I tried it on to take another pic of it and remembered, I looove this dress!
I made another version from the same pattern a month or so later (I know it's a simple style, but this one fit so well!), but I wanted a different neckline, so I did some combination of the dress minus the gathers plus the yoke piece so the front is all one piece... whatever, I ended up with this:
And of course I put vertical trim down the front, this time some vintage ric rac I had lying around.  I think I was sort of stuck in the mindset of the center front trim since that's what the blue dress had.
It's great to use the same pattern twice--you only have to cut out the paper once, and you know if it fits you once you make the first version!
So I know they're not recent, but there are some of my cute-and-easy dresses from last summer (that blue one I think of as a particular success).  Wonder what my faves will be this summer...?


  1. These are both really great. That blue one is my fav. I have a question I thought maybe you could help me with. I have a really long thick sweater/jacket that I got from my mom. It's gorgeous, and I'd love to wear it, but I'm only 5'3" and need to chop off some of the length. Under normal circumstances this would be no biggie, but I've never altered knit material and I'm worried the knit might come unraveled or something. Is this something you've ever dealt with? Any tips or tricks? :)

    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  2. Very cute! You have a pretty face & gorgeous hair! Why do you always cut off your head?

  3. i love the pink and orange one-there isnt enough orange in the world!
    but i tell you what-both are amazing!

  4. Anonymous6/15/2010

    Those are really pretty! Hope you show us some more soon :)


  5. I love both dresses. I have so many patterns but constantly using the same ones--and they all look different! I love, love the navy with lace! I might be whipping one up!

  6. Very cute. Especially the blue one. I love the lace!

  7. Oh I do love a pattern that you can repeat. Both dresses are darling, and totally different. You look mah-velous!

  8. I love both dresses! I really like the idea of vertical trimm down the middle.

  9. Love it! Its great the way that you turned the vision into a reality. Also navy and white is just so classic.

  10. that navy blue dress is gorgeous xxxx

  11. colleen6/15/2010

    so excited for a non-cheesy looking application of ric rac AND for a photo with all of you in it (:

  12. Anonymous6/15/2010

    I love both of those dresses. Great sewing ideas for summer dresses.

  13. you are beautiful...put your face in more of your pics!

  14. This is gorgeouse!!! Great for summer =)

  15. I love these dresses! Especially the blue one. Dresses are perfect for summer.

  16. This pattern has been sitting in my collection, uncut, for about a year. Suddenly I'm inspired to use it! Thanks.

  17. I have an admission to make... I'm totally ripping off the blue dress wholesale (seriously, right down to the lace trim). I LOVE it. I think the original MIGHT be a Lilly Pulitzer? Maybe? But you totally get the credit!



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