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Silk scrap scarf!

As I mentioned the other day, April is Stash-bust month from Dollar Store crafts and I'm working on emptying the "Old project scraps" drawer!
Today I made this neat scarf from the scraps of a bridesmaid dress my mom made for my cousin a while back.  The beautiful lavender silk/cotton blend had a textured, woven-in floral pattern and was perfect for being sewn back together with raw edges.
I laid out all the leftover pieces and pinned them together in general rectangle configurations.
I made them all the same width and sewed together.  Here it is!
Reduce/reuse/recycle scraps into something cute and new!


  1. Very well done looks great.....


  2. The simple things are often the best! BTW I have linked you on my blog, I love your work. Carole

  3. Anonymous4/15/2010

    Love it. I have some silk scraps that I picked up that I plan to try this with. Please check out my blog...I'm a newbie. Also I've linked you on mine.


  4. That's really cute! It would be fun to recycle a bridesmaid dress itself into a scarf too... what else are you gonna do with it once your friend's big day is past? Thanks for posting this awesome project!

  5. Anonymous4/18/2010

    Wow. This is actually much more elegant than you would think, huh? I've wanted to try my hand at scrap scarves with my sewing machine, but need to move first. Plus, anything not done in yarn scares me a little.

  6. This is a fabulous idea! I think I have something like 10 bridesmaids dresses sitting at my mom's house, just hanging out in her closet. And what a great way to stay close to a dear friend on a day to day basis. Love it!

    We’ve been busting up our stash like crazy and are really enjoying it too.




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