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I employed my essential jeans-mending method

Happy Earth Day!

For 40 years we have been celebrating stewardship of the only planet we have, and this year it is even more important than it has been before. I hope you can do something special to celebrate this happy day!  Walk to work or school, recycle everything, turn the water off when you brush your teeth or do the dishes, or, hey, make a cute sewing project out of recycled materials!  Here's all my "recycled" projects if you need some inspiration for a makeover.

Today I did a simple mending job on some jeans I've been wearing a lot.  Little worn place on the knee, so before it turned into a hole I used my sneaky Essential Jeans-Mending Method to interface and repair it!!
The "Before" isn't much to look at, but you can see the hole on the front side of the "After"--you can hardly see the vertical blue stitching I did on it.

Check out my mending method if you need to save some jeans from the Goodwill Bin!  Repairing and reusing is a great way to celebrate Earth Day, too!

Ta-da!  Almost good as new.  Not dressy jeans, but sturdy and not full of holes.


  1. Looks great! Thanks for mentioning this tape - I hadn't heard of it before and it would be so useful!

  2. I used this method to fix my favorite pair of "pirate" shorts. They were patchwork and they came across. I have a few pairs of jeans with blown out knees (can't save those!) and the butt's getting ready to go below the pockets. Before they go, I'm gonna try this! Thanks! :)

  3. Hope it works for you, Tiffany!
    Also, everyone note--
    My jeans-mending method was originally meant to mend holes; as long as you can put the two sides of denim back together you can use it! Even if there's enough of horizontal threads to keep everything flat, you can just iron that interfacing on and go for it!
    Check out the tutorial!

  4. omg! i wish i had caught up on your blog BEFORE i threw away my favorite GAP jeans that had seen their last days....and had a hole in an undesirable spot! thanks for sharing! i'll file away for next time.



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