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New slipper chair slipcovers! For spring

A while ago I raved about my fantastic find of these $5 each slipper chairs at the Goodwill Outlet.  I made slipcovers for them in a nice terra cotta velour, which went with my fall/winter color scheme and my old table and chairs.  I've since redecorated... I pulled off the slipcovers one day and had them just the original yellow for a while, and I do like yellow, but I've been all about the white recently so I bought some more white duck cloth ($7.99/yard and I used a coupon) and copied the rust-colored ones.  Here are some pictures of me tackling the (very 3-D) slipcovers and using them as a pattern, on the floor of the sewing room!
 See where I used the trial-and-error approach to fit the slipcover, taking in the seams after I tried it on?
Here are all the pieces...
I sewed them together, and here's the end result!
 There are two chairs.
This time I added some top-stitching to the back and it looks better than without, and it keeps the seam allowance in place.
My next project for the living room is colorful couch pillows!  I pulled out a bunch of fabric and vintage pieces I want to turn into pillows and scarecrowed them...
Stay tuned--I am so excited to make some new couch pillows!  I have been inspired for a while, lots of pretty pics on the blogosphere...


  1. Nice job on the slipcover! You can get so creative with pillows. Have fun with them!

  2. They look great! I like the fabric you have pulled out to contemplate for pillows too.

  3. Those look great! Wanna come to my house?!

  4. A fabulous blank pallet for you to work with...I love it!

  5. Anonymous7/07/2011

    Very nice, much better crafted than what you see in the stores.



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