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Monday projects and Goodwill finds

Monday projects are simple, easy, and quick to see results.  Monday always sneaks up on me because Jason works Tuesday-Saturday, so the real "weekend" in our house is Sunday/Monday.  But still, it is the beginning of the week for everyone else, and I want to start it off right and get things done!
The other day I ran into Goodwill and of course spent way more time there than I planned to, but I scored this mirror for half off the $2.99 price tag.  I don't really need it, but it was $1.50, so I figured I ought to take advantage.
So, I gave it a simple coat of gold spray paint, and ta-da!  It goes with the gold frame and square picture I have hanging on the wall on the way out of our bedroom.
It goes with the other Goodwill gold mirror I have in the bedroom, this gem I found for another $2.99 at another Goodwill a while ago and loooove above the bed.  See it in the reflection?
Except it has a great caning/woven texture to it.
At Goodwill the other day, I also bought this fabulous electric clock for $3.99.  It's so old, it has a power cord!  It still works just great.  The second hand slides around, rather than ticking, which is different but kind of nice.  I has a shabby chic Anthropologie-ey look already, with the chipping paint that someone obviously applied after-market, so I figured, how much worse could it look if I paint it?
I taped up the face carefully to ready it for spray painting, and then gave it an even coat of bright yellow and a speckledy coat of white.
What about you?  Have you done any easy, get-it-out-of-the-way Monday projects today to get your week started?


  1. i like that leafy clock! i think we had one as a kid...

  2. well done! i especially love the clock. what a great find!

  3. So I just found you blog today.. and you are literlly AMAZING! Your blog is officially a favorite!!

  4. just found your blog, you are a busy and talented lady. i just bought some gold spray paint as well today for a gallery wall project. can't wait to see all the stuff you do..just added you to my blogroll :0

  5. Adorable clock!! I don't think I have ever seen one that hangs on the wall and plugs in!
    I love it painted yellow :)
    The other finds were great too - I was at our thrift store today and came out with some great shoes and purses - brand new or barely used! Love second hand shopping and PRICES!!

  6. I just discovered your blog today. You are amazing and I'm addicted. I love your energy and ideas. I have an idea for your clock...you could gather a "fabric tube" onto the cord to A) blend w/ the wall or, B) look like a flower stem for your clock or, C) something else! Since you're probably a fabric hoarder, like myself, you've probably got loads to choose from. Toodles!

  7. Thanks, Anj!!
    A flower stem, duh! What a great idea, I should totally do that.

  8. Anonymous8/06/2010

    I have that exact clock but in black! And the cord is a pain but it's retro... anyone know if a clocksmith could change it to battery or something else...?



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