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Enjoying my rice bag from blog swap tutorial

My shoulders are sore today.  So I have been really enjoying the rice bag I made recently and shared in a tutorial on Maiden Jane.
I've actually made rice bags in this style several times, for Christmas presents and things.  I get sore shoulders and low back pretty often and this is the perfect thing to microwave and wear around the house.  It's heavy enough to stay in place and doesn't require an electric cord, of course!  They also heat up the foot of the bed in the winter :)

So, check out my rice bag/pillowcase tutorial on Maiden Jane.

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  1. I still plan to make the rice bag from you wonderful tutorial! I haven't managed to find time to sew lately and it's causing me distress. I did get my desk cleared and the craft room organized...so there's hope. But I'm in the midst of college visits/auditions with my son and my weekends are consumed. I need one of those bags!!!!



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