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The least trashy sheer animal print top in the world!

Well, I did it!  I accomplished a great feat today.  I made a cute top out of a questionable animal print sheer--and get this: it doesn't scream Janice from Friends or biker bar!!
I got this fabric at JoAnn on the clearance and they had several animal prints to choose from, all $2/yard after the extra sale markdown.  I don't usually like animal print, but I was drawn to these, and chose this nice brown zebra-inspired stripe rather than the slightly louder leopard or tiger prints.  I was imagining something with tucks and a yoke, a little structure added to the natural feel of the fabric.  I used this pattern:

One of those Fashion Runway, create-your-own ones where they act like variations on a simple base pattern is a novel idea.  I do like them, usually, though, since I tend to want to create or modify patterns to make them fit the garment I'm imagining.  Anyway I used this pattern, with the roundish yoke with four 1/4" tucks on each side, and ruffled bias edge for sleeves (I wanted to do the larger ruffled sleeve but didn't have enough fabric).  Here it is:

I think it's meant as a loose top with jeans as I'm wearing it in the picture, but I think it would be cute with a wide belt at the waist and high-waisted pencil skirt.
I don't have a lot of experience sewing on polyester and I have to say this sheer crinkle poly was a NIGHTMARE to work with.  Nearly impossible to cut, press, gather, and backstitch on.  Only redeeming quality was, since it is so loosely woven, seams pull out quite easily!

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