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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to Wear DIY: My iceskater dress

You don't mind two circle skirts in a row, do you?

Like you saw in yesterday's post, I'm into circle skirts these days and have been, uh, experimenting in finding the right length for me.  Here's a How to Wear DIY for this dress that I made recently and wore this weekend.  It is also... "tights length."  After wearing it, I can say the length works just fine, but I might not have minded having it a little longer! ;)

But, it was fun to wear with a biiiiig looped-up scarf and my new-fave faux leather jacket--and any excuse I get to wear these Target wedges makes me happy.

Wanna see without the jacket?

The full skirt is so fun!!

The scarf is a regular one I just looped around to make it seem like an infinity scarf.  They are much easier to wear, as well as a little more stylish, than a hanging scarf!

Love the darts on this Simplicity pattern.  The angle is flattering, I think!
Scarf: Banana Republic via a resale shop. Watch: Forever 21. Belt: ? 
Wedges and jacket: Target. Dress: DIY, here


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  1. it's great with the leather jacket on.. love the whole look!

  2. Lovely outfit! The belt goes so well with the dress and the leather jacket.

  3. Super cute! I love the neutral tone of the dress; you could so easily switch out the belt for a colorful one (I have a rainbow of skinny ones from Naked City, about $4 each)for a completely different look. Or you could keep the jacket, scarf, and belt but change into colorful tights and simple flats for a more casual Hawthorne/Mississipi look. So versatile, I'm jealous! Definitely going to use one of my Jo-ann coupons for some stretch knit this week!

  4. I love the dress, also your photos are really nice! I see a huge improvement over your previous photos (which have all been good, I'm just admiring how you're learning new photography tricks)

    1. Eeee, thank you! I was actually really happy with these pics, and these are definitely better than some previous ones! It's still a little unpredictable, though--some pics for next week? Not as good! Thanks, though!

  5. I like the color and the darts. I agree, it is definitely tights length. I don't think many people could get away with wearing something that short with bare legs!

  6. I'm interested in the darts on your bodice. They are longer/higher than I would have expected, and they look great without any bubbling or 1950s bosom point (which is what I'm currently struggling with!). Do you think that's because there are two slimmer darts rather than one on each side of the bodice? I'm so open to any tricks you might have for smoother darts.

    1. Absolutely! I am really careful when putting the darts in, but it also really helps to have two darts instead of one. You can always alter where the darts end depending on how high the fullest part of your bust is, and you can choose to take the amount that would have been taken up by one dart and spread it out over two, however. Or, just find a pattern with more darts!

  7. I love it but I would have made the skirt a bit longer. A wide skirt that short looks like a figure skater's.
    The rest of it is beautiful.

  8. I've been obsessed with these dresses lately! Oh, and I love the colour of the fabric you used. c:

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