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How to Wear DIY: Chunky homemade scarf made over

How to Wear DIY today, although it's not that you need to see how I wear a scarf.  We've most of us been wearing scarves for years.  But this circle scarf thing is new for me, and I love how cute and trendy I can be while at the same time cozy and wearing something I made myself!  Here I am in the scarf I made over last week.

See, the seam of the scarf ends isn't obvious at all!  Even with my v-back sweater.

Sweater: Old Navy. Skirt: J.Crew. Belt: Charlotte Russe.
Boots: Fred Meyer. Earrings: ? Scarf: DIY! Made from one I knitted years ago

So thank you, scarf, for reminding me how much I love that J.Crew skirt.


  1. I love the infinity scarves so easy to make! I have been making and selling them faster than I can post on my etsy site!

    Love the colour of yours and it pulls your whole outfit together in a nice cosy but classic way

  2. that looks really good!!!! cute outfit!

  3. LOVE your boots!!!! Where did you get them?

  4. Thanks!! Yeah, @Callie, infinity scarves are the best!

    @CupCakeCutie, they're from Fred Meyer, a local chain (I guess they're owned by Kroger now)... they sell groceries, overpriced housewares, clothes, etc. They're like the Fred Meyer shoe brand. I got a great deal on them after Christmas three years ago! Just classic brown riding boots, essential...

  5. Great looking neck warmer. You wear it well.

  6. gorgeous the skirt..keep it up.regards.



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