Easy Christmas DIY

Have you ever made orange and clove pomanders before?

My mom and I used to make them around Christmas, and they smell so good and are so pretty!  And as a kid it was a great DIY project that even I was able to do.

The instructions are, basically, stick cloves into an orange in a pretty pattern.  But you can get creative!  MadeByGirl had a tutorial yesterday on some cute patterns you can do, and tie it with a ribbon.

If you're looking for an easy and festive DIY project to do with kids or family this year, I highly recommend you give everyone an orange and stark pomand-ing!

What do you do around the house at Christmas to make things smell festive?  Ohhhh, I can just imagine the spiced cider cooking on the stove and giving the whole house that amazing scent...

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  1. I have always wanted to make these and always remember to late! I love doing DIY projects with my nieces! This year we make pine cone and magnolia pod ornaments with glittery goldness!



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