More printed sweater inspirations

Last week I did a sweater makeover from a fun printed silk sweater and turned it into this:
A while back I had saved some inspiration images of print sweaters, with this project in mind, from Anthropologie and other places.  I couldn't find them last week when I did the sweater post, but I can show you them now!
What do you think?  Do you rock printed sweaters?


  1. Ohhh my goodness! The second to last sweater is amazing. Must have!

  2. I would love to rock printed sweaters. The second sweater is definitely my favorite.

  3. the first sweater looks so much similar to your sweater makeover.LOVE it!and yes printed sweater are way cooler

  4. This's really beautiful, you created the 'use-fabric' thing. No matter what, you cut-change and use it. I'm 22 and I wish I could have seen such examples like you..Now I'm trying.

    Love from Istanbul.


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