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Patriotic shorts?

Happy Memorial Day!  It seems appropriate today that I share these red and white shorts with you.
I love to make dresses, of course, but sometimes there's not enough fabric, or sometimes you want to look fresh and cute without wearing a dress... and I had some cute white and red plaid fabric that I got on half-off clearance at JoAnn for like $1.50 a yard.  So, inspired by the cute, bright shorts at Anthro:
and by this cute New Look 6873 pattern that I've had for a while and never used:
I made myself a pair of shorts!
I had to follow the instructions on this one, since I'm not used to making things with pockets, zipper flies, decorative hems and tabs... I was proud of myself, actually, for going step by step!  Usually I just jump in and figure it out, since most dresses are constructed the same, and most tops are constructed the same... no need for instructions.  But this time I read the booklet.
Anyway here they are!
I gave 'em belt loops and everything!
Hope you're enjoying the day off with your families or doing something fun in the sunshine if you have any!


  1. Very cute! I never, ever wear shorts, but I am starting to reconsider. Really nice.

  2. Man, that fit is perfect. Way to go You! I've been THIS close to finally using my BBW shorts pattern, and I think you've pushed me over the edge. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

  3. I love the plaid! It really works for the style of shorts.

  4. Those are adorable! Really wish you did maternity clothing sometimes :)

  5. great job! I think I might have to make a pair myself. I am very inspired by your sewing.

  6. very cute! Shorts are one of the things that I want to make this year because I have never made them before. I tend to stick to skirts and dresses.

  7. These are perfect!! Such a great idea to make shorts. I never find them in a length or shape that I feel comfortable with, so maybe handmaking them is the way forward for me :)

  8. so cute! i am too chicken to make myself shorts even though i need some.

  9. I am so impressed. I won't be making shorts any time soon because I would have to measure my thighs (yuck)

  10. Anonymous6/01/2010

    If you take a 1-2in ish dart in the centerfront crotch just below where the fly ends then they will fit better in that area.

  11. cute! I started a pair of shorts once about two years ago and stopped in the middle for some reason. Maybe now I'll be inspired to go finish them.



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