Strip and tie quilt-making!

Today my friend and I put together a quilt top from fabrics she brought back from a trip to Senegal.  She had hand-died pink, beautiful bold blue print, and yellow poly brocade that was a skirt.  We used these and white cotton to make simple squares and rectangles, with a white vertical stripe in between.  We found a great tan and white ric rac print in the "nursery" section of JoAnn for a border, and are using plain white for the back.  Alyssa is going to print out photos from the trip and iron them on to the white rectangles (5x7, which should frame 4x6 photos nicely.  She plans to tie the corners on the quilt with tan embroidery floss.  This is Alyssa's first quilt, so I felt very helpful in showing her how to do things and giving helpful advice!  All that's left to do is tie the corners and bind the edges.  It's a lap-robe size so it's fairly manageable.

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