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How to Wear DIY: Off-white lace polka dots for fall

Today's outfit ("How to Wear DIY") post brings back a pretty dress I made aaaaages ago and wore in some of my first real bloggy headshots. Remember this ivory polka dot stretch lace number?

It was fun to make because of the polka dots, and I also used a super nice interlock knit for the lining! (If you're worried about how to sew on lace, check out my Sewing Circle post on the topic featuring the insides of this dress!)

Anyway, I brought it out of the closet to wear to a party over the weekend, and made it look a little more 2013, less 2011. ;)

 I love this bag. Recent Goodwill score. The color is perfect!! And I love the gold details!

First time I've worn this little wool jacket since last winter, too!
Purse: Goodwill (similar). Shoes: Steve Madden from Goodwill (similar/similar/similar)
Jacket: F2. Dress: DIY!, here.

It may be the last time I can wear bare legs out in the evening for a while. Dressing up for fall and winter is so hard!!! Are there any good alternatives to skinny jeans and heels and a not-quite-warm-enough top??!


  1. love the cut of that jacket lies perfectly with the dress.

  2. Love that outfit... I'm really looking for some leggings that would go with that color scheme... maybe a dark tan type color?

  3. Good colors on you! (I would like to see it with tights, maybe in tan?) Fun outfit...

  4. I like that. I hate when the old hemline shows. I'm tall, so I often have to lengthen things.

  5. This is a fun idea! I'm pretty tall - its hard to find pants long enough for me; maybe with this method I'll be able to take advantage of thriftshop jeans.



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