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A Grimm Fairy Tale Halloween party -- And our favorite costumes!

Happy Halloween!!!!!

This sure is a fun holiday. I don't put much thought into it most years, but every time I go to a party I get so excited to see everyone's cool costumes and the creative creepy decor and the first festive foods of the year.

This year was particularly special--over the weekend we went to "A Grimm Halloween Dinner Party" hosted by my super pro party thrower friend Jenni of A Well Crafted Party. The theme: Grimm's Fairy Tales with a dark, modern twist. (There's also a great hashtag for the party!)

Last year, for the first time ever, really, I made an awesome Halloween costume for myself and an on-theme one (accessory) for the husband. We were Black Widow (ScarJo!) and Tony Stark from The Avengers movie. I put a lot of work into it, bough the right kind of fabric, spray painted all my accessories... it was fun but a lot of work to wear the thing for one night! And while the costumes were pretty cool last year, husband and I are both much healthier this year and we look more like the actual characters! (A little on our health story here.) So, we WORE THEM TWO YEARS IN A ROW. Is this sacrilege? I hope not. I really like my Black Widow costume!!

I did want to wear something fairy tale-ey, to be on-them with the Grimm night, but the dear hostess Jenni pointed out that The Avengers is sort of like a modern-day fairy tale! Aaaw, thanks, Jenni.

It was chilly but dry and clear, so we ate outside at these gorgeous candlelit tables. I love the string lights and candles to light everything!

Everything was so magical and pretty and spooky. Jenni sure can set a table!

And make Paleo slow cooker chicken drumsticks (our contribution) sound festive!!

Here we are in our costumes, looking even more badass than last year!
Photos by me and Bee

We'll make something new next year, I swear. ;) Maybe something a little more on-theme with the party of 2014! I wonder what theme it will be. You'd think, with my sewing background, I'd make myself costumes more often! I guess I just run low on inspiration sometimes.

Have you been to any great Halloween parties this year? Do you usually make a costume?


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! What a fun theme.

  2. The costumes look great, you both look pretty dramatically badass in the photo! And lots of little drumsticks sounds so awesome as party food!

  3. Very cool! What an amazing party!

  4. Love the table setting! Looks like fun!

  5. I love this! Your costumes are great! The party looks super awesome too!

  6. Wow, this looks like so much fun! I know Jenni is super creative so the party looks great, and I love your costume! Also, I have been meaning to email you because I know you left a comment on my blog (and on instagram too I think?) about having another Paleo person in Portland and we totally need to hang out!! My husband and I were super on board with Paleo before we moved to Portland and felt really amazing, but then since moving her this summer we've kind of fallen off the wagon a little bit with all the amazing restaurants :) However, I really do want to get more focused (like eating 80% paleo would be ideal for me, right now we're eating like 50% Paleo/50% indulging--ha!) so you are good motivation to get me back on track :)

  7. That's fab, Jane, thanks for commenting!! Yes we will have to meet up!

  8. definate scully thing going on, the truth is out there,

  9. oh he would make a good alien , karen.simplesite.com

  10. Great recap! Outdoor parties in late Oregon Octobers are hard to come by :)

  11. So glad you guys wore your rad costumes again. I love ScarJo and her character in Avengers. You and your hubs look really good. You can tell you've made changes in the past year. -Tristie



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