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A fall brunch dress (or the 43 minute dress)

I've had this dress in the back of my mind for months.  Inspired by several at Anthro, and some home dec fabric a friend gave me, I put together an idea to pretty much copy this dress:
I even got some really nice quality just-barely-off-white broadcloth from my mom's supply.  This stuff is such nice quality, totally straight on the grain and bolt.  So tightly woven, you have to use a really sharp needle on the machine to make it go through--and pinning two layers of it together is pretty much out of the question.  But it's nice, and thick, and doesn't get soft and pilly like quilter's cotton.

Anyway, as I was flipping through my pattern box to find the most similar bodice pattern I have to the Anthro dress, I happened on Simplicity 2497...
...which I've used several times before, and which reminded me of these Anthro dresses:
I figured it would work, too!  So instead of the first Anthro-ey bodice as I was imagining, I made the scoop-neck, unlined bodice, which, of course took practically no time at all.  I don't know exactly how long it took, but I was watching old Gilmore Girls episodes in the background, and I'm pretty sure I only went through one during the project--that's 43 minutes.  Ish.
I wanted to do something interesting on the scoop neck, not necessarily the ruffle from the pattern, and I realized I don't have anything with a pleated ruffle collar.  It was super easy to make--I tore a 4-5" long piece of the width of the fabric, folded it in half and pressed it well, and didn't even need to pin it all.  I basted the row of pleats before I attached it to the bodice, and just pleated as I sewed, tucking the fabric under the presser foot as I went!  Easy and actually kind of fun.  Then I pressed it really well before sewing it on the neckline, and finishing with self-fabric bias.  Ta-da!
I'm planning on wearing it to the post-wedding brunch on Sunday on my trip to Orlando!


  1. Anonymous10/22/2010

    Great dress! I love to get inspiration from Anthropologie :) And I loved GG!
    You'll look awesome during and after the wedding ;)

    Maria from:

  2. Anonymous10/22/2010

    Oh I love the fabric on the skirt! Very vintage-chic.

  3. Anonymous10/22/2010

    Oh, it's darling. The skirt colors are great. -heidi


  4. Its wonderful, i love the fabric!

  5. That's an adorable dress! I really like the pleats on the neckline. That skirt fabric is discontinued, and was on sale a while ago for $2 per metre, so I just had to buy a couple of yards. I love it, but I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet.

  6. I love this! I think it's my favorite of the dresses you've made.

  7. beautiful! it turned out perfect! what a good idea for the top! i have been wanting to make this dress for so long and just needed a little extra push. thanks!

  8. That dress is FABULOUS!!! I love it!! I really love the pleated collar. I have been loving those anthro dresses you posted, and I have that pattern, but I never thought of using it to knock off that anthro dress.

  9. Love this dress!! Great job!

  10. I love the ruffle collar! It is just the right touch.

  11. Great dress! I can't believe it only to you 43 min! I really love the ruffles and the fabric of the skirt!

  12. Yay!!! I love your version!! I'm always, always copying Anthro dresses for my blog also, just because, why pay for it when I can make it for so much cheaper, and have it fit better? I've followed your blog for a while, but have never commented before...just wanted you to know I'm a huge fan.
    Kristina J.

  13. I love this dress! I want to make one for my daughter now. Thanks for the post, you're very inspiring!

  14. Well done! I like the fabric choice for the skirt!

  15. wow 43 min, huh? It looks amazing. I might have to whip out one of those!!!


  16. Could you do a tute, or do you know of a good reference for the neck ruffle? I know you explained here but I'm totally a visual person and this is exactly the type of neck design I've been wanting to COPY!

  17. Thanks, everyone!
    @Linnea, sure, I can do a tutorial sometime soon for a pleated-neckline dress bodice! I will have to find some fabric and maybe make a more fall-in-Oregon-appropriate dress.



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