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A funky but girly soft summer dress

I tried to get creative on this one... was actually forced to, since I got the fabric at Goodwill Outlet and it appeared to have been another garment at one time, cut into four pieces, each a yard long and 20-25" wide.  Mysterious... one piece had a border print.  Anyway, I liked the soft and high quality weave feel to this funky batikey stuff, and I thought I could probably do something unexpected with it.  So here I was, trying to design something that included the one panel of border print but also worked for my less funky/hippie, generally more girly style.  I looked to Anthropologie for inspiration, at least for the attitude--I was looking for tribal or ethnic-ey inspired prints in more structured dresses...
And tops...
Get the general look?
So here's what I came up with!
I had fun with the one-shoulder look...
I used my old standby McCall's 5849 as a rough, rough base and created the rest of it from there.  I gave the whole bodice a bias ruching overlay for texture and depth, sewing down some of the gathers to keep it from adding too much bulk to my torso!  It has a faint sweetheart neckline, and the skirt is pleated into the waist, rather than gathered.
I wasn't sure about the fabric to begin with, honestly, but I'm actually quite happy with the balance of hippie to girly that I think I created! =)


  1. Very pretty, in a funky but girly kinda way!

  2. I love it and I'm really wishing I had bought that pattern before it went out of print. I had it in my cart and everything!

  3. It is a very versatile pattern! You can maybe get it eBay or Etsy or something, or Simplicity has a similar one in the formalwear category!

  4. This is such a cute dress, I am in love with the green color!

  5. Cute, the colour is beautiful!



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