25 free vest patterns!

Fall is in the air!  Out with the cute summer dresses, in with sweaters, plaid, and holiday decor!
Check out Craft Stew for a list of 25 free vest patterns--and you'll see my easy DIY ruffle sweater vest makeover from last fall!
There are some other awesome ones on there.  Vests are super easy, and totally in this season!


  1. I just love this chocolate ruffled vest!

  2. Dosimon10/29/2010

    Thanks for the link, it's really a great selection. And I love your blog, you're so talented and unpretentious, you make us (me!) feel like making all these cute outfits is a piece of cake :) Merci!

  3. Just really love what you did with the t-shirt in the previous post...lovely and functional!
    Kristina J.

  4. aww that is so so cute what vest pattern did you use?

  5. Thanks!
    @Marissa, I didn't "use" any of them but Craft Stew featured my vest on the list of 25... mine is the Easy Ruffled Vest Tutorial, 2/3 down the list.


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