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An Easter tradition I can enjoy again - Goldenrod Eggs made grain-free, dairy-free

Easter is coming! One of my family's strongest traditions when I was growing up was Goldenrod Eggs on Easter morning, made from the many hard-boiled dyed eggs we'd made the night before.

I always loved Goldenrod Eggs, one of my favorite dishes my mom ever made! But I wanted to keep it special, so we only made it once a year, Easter morning.

Then, for years, I went without it--as a raw vegan, I couldn't eat any of the ingredients. A couple years ago after adding meat, eggs, and cooked food back into my diet, I realized that I could make a version of the classic 1950's home economics class recipe for Goldenrod Eggs--since I now know I can't digest the milk or grains in the classic recipe--but I learned to substitute the white sauce ingredients and serve it over roasted veggies or greens instead of toast.

A classic roux, or white sauce, is the base for the chopped egg whites and typically uses butter and wheat flour. The wheat flour substitution is easy; arrowroot powder is a powerful thickener and you can get the same effect with a smaller portion of it. The fat you use is a really flavorful part, so I don't imagine coconut oil would work well unless you wanted the coconut taste (although flavorless extracted medium chain triglyceride oil would work), but bacon fat or lard are also traditionally used for some roux. (I don't do dairy but I can usually tolerate butter or ghee so I've used delicious unsalted grassfed butter when making this recipe.)

It is traditionally served over toast, but there are lots of bread-less, gluten-free, grain-free alternatives. While I love eggs with roasted veggies, cooked greens, bacon or sausage crumbles, etc., you could also serve this over homemade nut crackers (like these or these) or grain-free bread (like one of these recipes).

Paleo-Friendly Goldenrod Eggs


  • 6 hard-boiled eggs
  • 2 tbsp fat of choice (unsalted grassfed butter, ghee, bacon fat, or lard would work best)
  • 1 tbsp arrowroot powder
  • 1 c. milk of choice (I used canned coconut milk)
  • 3/8 tsp salt (or less if using bacon fat)
  • 1/8 tsp pepper


    1. Peel eggs and separate whites from yolks. Chop whites with an egg slicer and mash yolks with a fork.

    2. To make the white sauce (or roux), melt butter or fat of choice. Whisk in arrowroot powder and salt and pepper and cook over low heat.
    P.S. This is our enameled cast iron skillet and it's amaaaaaazing. We use it for everything.

    3. Stirring constantly, add milk of choice and cook on low-medium until sauce thickens.

    4. Add chopped egg whites to white sauce mixture.

    5. Serve egg white mixture with crumbled yolk mixture on top.
    It's so delicious!

    I served it with wilted spinach with bacon ends and pieces. But guess I'll get another chance to make it this year on Easter Sunday! Would also be delish and seasonal with roasted beets or sauteed asparagus!


    1. Nice memories; thank you for sharing this!

    2. That looks really yummy and comforting. The Goldenrod I make I put on asparagus and bread!

    3. Post like this inspire me! Thank you!!!

    4. Wowza! This dish looks tastyyyy. Thanks for giving me a new recipe to try out, cheers! :-)

    5. I had never heard of Goldenrod Eggs! Guess what we need to try ASAP! :o)


    6. I've never heard of this dish but it looks delicious!

    7. Huh . . . never even heard of Goldenrod Eggs - traditional or alternative recipes.

    8. We always had biscuits and gravy for Easter morning with our Easter eggs as well. I've never heard it called Goldenrod Eggs, though. Fun trivia! I like the idea of sprinkling the egg yolks on top...fun color!



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