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How we budget for home renovations and stay organized

I am deep in this right now for a couple projects and it's a big topic! Budgeting, spending all that money, timing it all out... it can take a lot of work and be overwhelming!

Sharing some tips today plus how we do it for budgeting and organizing a budget!

We've talked on the Your Home Story podcast before about budgeting here and there, but it deserves its own episode. Ashley and I have different ways of budgeting/saving/planning, plus we gathered some tips from listeners. We cover how to budget for BIG and small projects, tools we use, how to scope a reno project, how to make some extra cash during a reno, and more!

Some key points we cover:
  1. How to scope and estimate budget for a large project like a kitchen reno
  2. How to keep track of expenses
  3. HomeAdvisor tool--what costs to expect when remodeling a kitchen
  4. Cash-out refinance or home equity line of credit options for very large projects
  5. Tips for budgeting for smaller projects
  6. Tips from listeners on how they budget and how they’ve managed going over-budget on large projects, a great way to track sales, and more.
  7. Our favorite budgeting tools
  8. How to make money during a reno project
You can also see budget breakdowns for our last 3 bathroom projects and our last kitchen on my Tutorials & Home Projects page.

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