How to Wear DIY: The classy leopard skirt

Well, I'm excited about this one--got to wear the leopard print skirt I made last fall when I whipped up these three no-pattern skirts; I love the simple style but wanted to make it look not-at-all sloppy! So to a party the other weekend I wore the leopard skirt with a few other pretty pieces. Including a coat, because OMG it has been cold here.

Top: Marshall's. Necklace: Kohl's, Belt: Charlotte Russe. Watch, shoes: Ross.
Jacket: Forever 21. Skirt: DIY, super simple!

Well, I like it, but the husband was a little confused. Animal print can be hard to pull off, I guess! ;) Oh, and, I just realized... tortoiseshell watch with leopard print skirt?? Oops! Is that a big no-no???

Do you think I made it work? Any tips for wearing leopard and not looking like Snookie's mom? ;)


  1. No, it looks great!
    But husbands don't understand fashion... Yesterday I got two sequin tops from J.Crew and the hubby just looked at me and sighed. He would make a really boring girl... :)
    You look great! I almost bought the same shirt the other day but they were out of smalls... Too bad cause it looks awesome on you!

  2. You look lovely! And your new blog design is great!

  3. Lovely assemble. My husband would actually think, if I ever something like that, that I looked nice. He trust my judgement in dressing up.

  4. You totally made it work. It's an adorable skirt and now I want to go make my own!

  5. Leopardprint is awesome!
    Men don't get it though. Too bad for them :-)

  6. I love this look! It's refreshing to see leopard in this flowy a-line silhouette (for some reason when I think of leopard, I immediately picture super tight fitting clothes) - I totally love this whole outfit and would wear it in a second! :)

  7. As a general rule, I like to think that when your man is confused--especially when he incredulously says "you're wearing THAT??"--is in fact when you know you're on to something!


  8. I think it looks adorable!!! I love your new blog design!

  9. You look lovely! What I often do when I want to wear leopard print, or tight little mini-skirt, or anything else that could be borderline Snookie's mom territory is to pair it with something unexpectedly comfy-casual, like a big loose boyfriend sweater or flannel. I'm also big on wearing multiple patterned garments together in one outfit, which can make it more of a "look-how-hip-I-am-wearing-patterns-on-patterns!" kind of thing as opposed to a "look-at-me-I'm-sexy/trashy!" kind of thing.

    Melody of From Scratch


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