A Christmas season weekend

Any Elf fans out there?

Husband and I began our morning by overdramatically singing Christmas songs and watching YouTube clips from various Muppet Christmas specials.  It was a good morning.

Now, I'm doing some online holiday shopping (the online version of famous Portland bookstore, and the best bookstore in the world, Powell's, is doing free shipping--no minimum order--until Christmas!  I want to support them.) and working on a dress to wear to my coworker's holiday party tonight.  Pics later!

Are you having a Christmas-ey weekend?


  1. Love, love, love the Muppets!! The Muppets a Christmas Carol is my favorite Christmas Movie ever! Sounds like a fantastic start to your weekend!


  2. I LOVE Elf! It's my go-to movie when I'm sewing...even if it's the middle of July! :)

  3. Fun! You guys have great taste in Christmas movies ;)


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