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Dairy-free cherry vanilla ice cream recipe

I'm so excited that it's summer fruit season! It's really time to celebrate the local bounty and real, fresh, seasonal food and treats. In Oregon we grow almost all the really good stuff! Berries, cherries, peaches...

Right now cherries are just getting ripe and I got a bunch and really wanted to make a recipe using them. I haven't made ice cream in a while, but made some plain vanilla the other week and I was feeling confident enough in how homemade coconut milk ice cream works that I made this recipe. It's kind of like Cherry Garcia but with no chocolate, unless you choose to add it!

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Navy tie halter jumpsuit (!)

That's right--a jumpsuit! After experimenting with rompers in recent summers, this year I've expanded to sewing and wearing jumpsuits. This one was inspired by a couple I've seen online... I tweaked a pattern to make it more similar... and I'm really happy with how it turned out!

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Lavender floral strapless ruffle top

I made a very fun top last weekend! I had so much sewing energy and worked on several projects, but I got this top finished in about an hour, not counting cutting time.

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Off-the-shoulder blue and white stripe dress from Sundressing - and a giveaway!

I looooooove sundresses. They're my favorite kind of dress to make and wear, and dresses are my favorite thing to design/sew! (Of course I love them - this blog used to be called Adventures in Dressmaking!) I just love when the weather gets warm enough for wearing cottony, sleeveless, full-skirted dresses outside.

So I of course I was excited to see and review Melissa Mora's new book, Sundressing: Sew 21 Easy, Breezy Dresses for Women and Girls! You may know Melissa from Melly Sews; we've been blog friends for ages and she has some great resource on her blog! Her new book Sundressing just came out and it's a really fun, creative, idea-packed book that starts with a basic pattern and shows you how to create all kinds of cute dresses--I just made one of them myself!

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Taking time to celebrate and get away - Oregon coast

I'm used to my routine, which is pretty busy most of the time, and it's hard for me to stop the daily grind and get away - even for special occasions. So, I've learned to sort of force myself to take a break! So last weekend we took a long weekend to celebrate...

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Real olive oil, fig vinegar, and a flavorful beet side salad

This recipe is a flavor-packed early summer side dish showcasing some delicious, pure olive oil and tangy, sweet fig vinegar! These ingredients were a treat to use and I'm so happy with how this exciting recipe came out!

They also come with a great story and I'm excited to share about the Oregon Olive Mill, the Pacific Northwest's only olive oil producer, who sent me this fabulous, strongly flavored, 100% pure extra virgin olive oil and fig vinegar. And, I love this summerier use of beets as a side dish!

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Colorful, playful party dress for an exciting anniversary party!

Over the weekend we attended a really fun and memorable 10th anniversary party of some good friends. I knew from the colorful invitation suite (and checking with the hostess!) that everything was going to be really bright and fun, with lots of pink, yellow, orange, and black/white. I wanted to make a new dress for the occasion but didn't have a specific design in mind - so I went to the fabric store looking for the perfect fabric that would speak to me!

I debated about a solid color coral, thinking I'd make something strappy with a natural waist, sweetheart neckline, and pleats, but I also found this super bright (is it a floral? I almost can't tell) Nicole Miller print.

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